Alphonse Mucha

A microsite that features the artwork–'Madonna of Lilies' (1905) by Alphonse Mucha and gives an intro of the artist's life and a few other pieces from the Alphonse Mucha exhibition hosted by Musée du Luxembourg.


UI/UX Designer
Web Designer


Adobe CC
Sublime Text


July–August 2021



01 Overview


Alphonse Mucha is a well-known art nouveau artist. He was famous for his distinctly stylized and decorative theatrical posters, particularly those of the renowned actress Sarah Bernhardt. For this project, I would like to introduce his lesser-known work–madonna of Lilies, from the Mucha exhibition at Musée du Luxembourg.


To create a microsite that features one artwork and the artist from start to finish by using HTML/CSS and JavaScript. For this project, I chose a lesser-known work–Madonna of Lilies, which style is different from Mucha's famous Art Nouveau posters.

02 Research


03 Design Process

Lo-fi Wireframe

I created the wireframe of the initial three pages–the featured artwork, artist and the gallery. Later on I added two more pages to the site believe that it would help the viewer to have a better understanding of the artist and the featured artwork.

Home–Featured Artwork

Artist Bio

Gallery Info


Added the Detail page of the featured artwork which provides zoomed in feature for viewer to have a closer look of the artwork. Also added ‘Other Artworks’ page to showcase some other works from Alphones Mucha.

04 Coding


I coded the microsite and added some features such as image zoom, lightbox and accordion to enhance the user experience for the viewer when visiting the site.

Madonna of Lilies Detail Page

Artist Page

Other Works Page

05 Deliverable

Final Design


Check out the microsite about the artist Alphonse Mucha that I designed and coded, using HTML | CSS and Javascript.

Thank You!