An APP that helps users compare their trip’s budget vs. expense. It provides an easy way to share the cost with their family and friends while tracking the travel-related costs during the planning and traveling.


UI/UX Designer


Adobe CC


March–May 2022


mobile &
desktop app

01 Overview


The process of keeping track of travel expenses can be manual and tiresome, which makes staying within budget can be challenging. Splitting the cost of travel with friends and family can add more complexity to the process.

Proposed Solutions

A travel budget tracker app that helps users discover flexibility within their travel budget, manage their expenses, and increase spending visibility before and during trips to avoid missed opportunities for savings.

02 Research


Travel Spend App

• Can record the split cost with others, useful for a group trip
• Can sync the data across with other devices (including other users)
• well used of colors and icons

• payment cannot distinguish between credit card vs. cash
• need paid subscription to unlock certain features

Tripcoin App

• Detailed categorization, the user is able to tailor to their needs
• Available offline

• Cannot share the data with others
• navigation is not very clear
• the UI design is more business like and less attractive


Americans are expecting to travel in the summer of 2022

as many passengers are expected to fly this year as did last year

of respondents are planning to “go big” on their next trip (out of 12,000 travelers in 12 countries)

of business travelers agree it is more important than ever to bring back business travel

Target Audience

• Millennials (age 25-40)
• love traveling
• like to plan their budget for the travel plan
• keep track of their spending during the trip


03 Design Process

Databoard Data

After some brainstorming sessions, I made a list of data relevant to this project's goals–to help users keep track of their spending and better plan the trip's budget.


After gathering and deciding what type of data would be helpful for the user, I focused on finding the best way to display them to users, so they can act accordingly after viewing.

Dashboard (desktop version) – 1st Iterations

Dashboard– 2nd Iterations

Here is the 2nd iterations after I got the feedbacks.

Dashboard (mobile version)

For the mobile version, I updated the dashboard page corresponding to the changes of the desktop version.

Add Expense (mobile version)

Another key feature of this app is adding expenses, so for both versions I decided to provide quick access to that page from the main page.

04 Final Design

05 Style Guide

06 Promo

TripBud Promo motion graphic

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